Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SMS phone exchange with Charlie Cordina

I was forming a team of 4 for the 2013 Sydney Oxfam 100km Trailwalker event to be held in August.  Here is a SMS phone exchange with Charlie Cordina whom I have never met and who wished to join our team ... this guy really have a high pressure job ... would love to find out what it is!  Anyway, this exchange is now preserved here in the anals of history  :-)
Charlie Cordina: "Paul how did your trail walk go. "
(Me): "Cancelled due to rain"
Charlie Cordina: "Hi Paul did u do any training on the wkend."
(Me): "On Jan 15 & 19, I sent u SMS asking u to come to our training walk on Feb 3. You did not reply with yes. We have since found a 4th person for our team."
Charlie Cordina: "Dickhead i told u i had a high pressure job i was busy at work u knew i was interested in being in the team  anyway go and fuck yourself u monkey  Anyway who would want 2 be apart of your team."

Post script: There is a guy by the name of Charles Cordina who:
  - Lives in the Fairfield area of Sydney, NSW, Australia.
  - Went to Fairfield Patrician Bros School.
  - Belonged to Fairfield Bike Club.
Wondering whether the 2 are of the same person ???

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