Friday, April 3, 2015

Acripeza reticulata (Mountain Katydid)

Acripeza reticulata (Mountain Katydid, also known as Mountain Grasshopper) ~~~
The one on left and also the one on top-right is a female. When its wings are folded, it looks like a small lump of dirt and is not easy to be spotted. But when its wings are spread out, you can see the beautiful red, blue & black bands on its body.
The male is much skinnier - bottom-right.

Just looking at the photo, you wouldn't have imagined they are the same insect !

Above photo was taken in 2015 March, during a climbing trip to Gungartan Mountain in Kosciuszko National Park in NSW, Australia. Photos and trip report of that climb are in:

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  1. When shown these photos, everyone was impressed by the colour of the Mountain Katydid ... except one guy called David W***. He was not impressed and said, quote, "All sorts of brightly coloured insects are around my house."

    Frankly, I don't believe he has any brightly coloured insects in his garden (barring the odd butterflies, lady bugs and St Andrew's Cross spider). So I asked for some photos. He turned mute.

    Some people are like that ... just want to show they are unimpressed by you ... sigh :-(