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Craig's postings on lampposts

This lamppost. As is where is. Light fittings and chattels included. $50 ONO or will consider swap for a children's play house and have a slab of beer. Meet me here at midnight if you're interested. You may need a spade.
-- Craig

I'm 35 and I have an extensive DVD collection. I cam cook a little and will even do some cleaning. If you have a big TV then meet me here at 6pm Friday and we can go on a date. It'll be fun. I'll be wearing one white thong and one brown thong so you can recognise me.
-- Craig

Apparently there is a $500 find for putting signs up on lampposts in this area. If you see me putting this up can you do me a favour and not tell anybody? Thanks. While you're doing me favours, what are you like at darning? It seems to be a lost skill in this disposable age. So if you can't darn then it'll be fine if you just get me a new pair of socks (size 13). Thanks again.
-- Craig

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