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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lazy Huaband - Do it yourself !

Monday, 6pm
Wife: Is that you, darling? ..
          Tell me, the shelves in the closet are broken, can you repair them?
Husband: Eh... Help your self! I'm not a carpenter!

Tuesday, 6pm
Wife: Is that you, darling? ..
          Look, the water is dripping like mad under the sink... can you make it stop?
Husband: Oh... are you crazy? I'm not a plumber!

Wednesday, 6pm
Wife: Is that you, darling? ..
          This lamp is broken, can you fix it?
Husband: Absolute not! I'm not a electrician!

Thursday, 6pm
Wife: Is that you, darling? .. Everything have been fixed! The closet, the sink, the lamp...
          ... by our neighbour, the young Peter! A real do-it-yourself man, and a funny guy too!
          Imagine, he demanded that I either went to bed with him or baked him a cake!
Husband: Ok... and ehh... what kind of cake did you bake?
Wife: Bake?!... Are you kidding? I'm not a baker!

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