Sunday, May 28, 2023

Mountain goats in Acoustic Chamber, Gardens of Stone NP, NSW

Location: Acoustic Chamber, Gardens of Stone National Park, NSW, Australia
Dates     :  2023-May-06  and  2020-Dec-13

Trip report to Acoustic Chamber:

1)  Acoustic Chamber ... A group of us reached the white arrow  :-)
Photo by John Graham  2023-May-06

2)  Acoustic Chamber.

3)  Acoustic Chamber.
Photo by Lingling Qiu  2023-May-06

4)  Acoustic Chamber ... See if you can go to the white arrow !!!
Photo by Anton Leddin  2023-May-06

5)  Anna (ZCC晨) Zhang made it to the white arrow of previous pic !!!

6)  Anna (ZCC晨) Zhang made it !!!

She reached there by traversing across the back wall like a Mountain Goat !!!

7)  Mountain Goats are renowned for their ability to climb vertical cliffs.

8)  Another example of Mountain Goats on steep cliffs.

9)  Lee Huang demonstrating how to traverse across the back wall like a Mountain Goat !!!

10)  Lee Huang.

11)  Lee Huang & Stanley Wu.

12)  Anna (ZCC晨) Zhang.

13)  Anna (ZCC晨) Zhang.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

What do pizza delivery guy and gynecologist have in common ?

Q: What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynecologist have in common ?
A: They both get to smell it, but neither get to eat it  :-)

Q: What do gynecologist and pizza delivery guy have in common ?
A: They both can smell it but not eat it.

Old man 1: I was a pizza delivery man. What a cruel job.
                   You can see them, smell them, but you can't eat them.
Old man 2: Oh, I know how that feels. I was a gynecologist.

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Two Moons

Two moons 😀😀

Location: Great Western Highway, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
                 When returning late to Sydney from a bushwalk

Date:        2023-May-06  Saturday

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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Sunset photo accused being fake by Jeff Dorset

Date: 2023-April-19 ... evening
Location: Cliff edge of the plateau on top of Gangerang Range,
                 Kanangra-Boyd National Park, NSW, Australia

Nice sunset picture taken by John Graham.
I uploaded the picture to Facebook
where it was clearly captioned that the photographer was John Graham.

It attracted a mindless raging rant by a racist guy whom I don't know, and whose Facebook name is:
    Jeff Dorset (Eco Bushwalks Non Profit)
And he claims to be a "Walks leader at Eco Bush & Coast Walks Sydney"

Seems Jeff Dorset was jealous of others being able to take nicer sunset photos than him.

Then accused me of faking the colour !!!

Below was the Facebook photo and the mindless rant by Jeff Dorset  :-(

Jeff Dorset wrote:
PITY about the fake ovrer colouring

Jeff Dorset wrote:
Paul Ma, I take excellent bush walking photos--- I have been semi prof photographer since the late 60`s . YOU CANT TAKE ANY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM-- TYPICAL CHINESE FACE SAVING SHIT. Other photos are grest but this one is ruined by too much colour . bourgeois bull shit. naive playing with your tek toys.

Paul Ma wrote:
Jeff Dorset, Photo wasn't even taken by me !!! Hey John Graham, here is a guy who is accusing you of faking this photo !!!

[ No further comments by Jeff Dorset afterwards. ]

By the way, I know John Graham.
He never fakes a photo !!!

Post Script:
The photo was taken in a bushwalk to Kanangra Creek via Murdering Gully.
Trip report and photos (including this nice sunset photo) are in this link:

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