Sunday, September 29, 2019

Tessellated Pavements - 3

I am attempting to document all the tessellated patterns on rocks I have encountered.
This one is seen on the way to Bonnum Pic in Nattai National Park, NSW, Australia.

Other tessellated rock patterns I have photographed are in this link:

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Vultures circling old man

For some reason, these new birds didn't seem as interested in William's bird seed.
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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Sugarloaf at Hallett Cove, SA, Australia

Sugarloaf is an interesting rock formation at Hallett Cove Conservation Park, SA, Australia ... not a man-made volcano in an amusement theme park  :-)


The easiest way to see the Sugarloaf is to park your car at the end of:
    Heron Way, Hallett Cove, SA 5158
Then take a short walk ... follow the signs.

Pictures - taken in 2019 August

1)  Approximately 280 million years ago, the ice that had once covered the area of Hallett Cove Conservation Park began to melt causing a lake to form in that area. During this time many sediments were deposited into the lake which after many years turned into the beautiful unusual shaped rocks in this and the following photographs.

2)  The main feature of these rocks is called Sugarloaf named because of its resemblance to a mass of hard refined sugar.

3)  The shape of the Sugarloaf is like a cone due to weathering and erosion over the last few thousand years. However the layers tell a much longer story.
- Around 280 million years ago, southern Australia (including Hallett Cove) was covered by an ice cap. It melted about 270 million years ago.
- The lower red layers of boulders and sediments were deposited on the bottom of an ancient glacial meltwater lake.
- When the lake drained, white sand was blown over the red sediments.
- The brown cap is clay deposited from rivers about 3 million years ago.

4)  The Sugarloaf viewed from the left side of previous pic


If you are in South Australia, you must go there to take a look !

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Monday, September 9, 2019

After you turn 50 years old

After you turn 50 years old:
You can't recognize letters up close, but you can recognize idiots from far away.

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