Thursday, October 28, 2021

You need a new belt

Car mechanic to woman:
Yep.  There's your problem.  You need a new belt.

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Photo walks in the Baal Bone area

I have created soft & hard-cover books on the Baal Bone area of NSW, Australia.
Title: Photo Walks in the Baal Bone Area NSW AUSTRALIA

As the title suggests, there are more photographs than words  :-)

The books are published by Amazon:
    Australian site:
    Rest of the world:
    (If not available, you'll have to get it from the Australian site.)

Front Cover & Spine

Back cover

Above is soft-cover's back cover with ISBN 979-8478166120
Hard-cover's ISBN is 979-8481671802

Book description

Photo journals of four bushwalks in the Baal Bone area of NSW, Australia.
Photographs are used extensively to illustrate the beauty of this part of the Australian scenery.

Preview of a few pages of the book


Comment on Pricing

Price in the Australian site is expensive ...
because Amazon grabs a large commission !
I'll received almost nothing ... That is ok with me  :-)

In the "rest of the world" site, the price is not determined by me. And I'm sure I will also receive next to nothing when the books are sold  :-)

Comment on Baal Bone area

Baal Bone area is east of the village of Ben Bullen and about 30 km north of Lithgow as the crow flies.

It straddles Gardens of Stone National Park in the north, and Ben Bullen State Forest in the south.

Prominent features of the area:
    Pagoda-like sandstone rock formations
    Limestone outcrops
    Elevated swamps

Car access:
    Suitable for high clearance 4WDs only.
    From south: The Bicentennial National Trail / Long Swamp Trail
    From west: Moffitt Trail

Walking tracks:
    Practically none.
    Suitable for experienced and well-prepared off-track bushwalkers only.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Strugle with B&W TV

Kids of today don't know what struggle is ...

During our times, we have watched England vs Nigeria matches on B&W TV ...

If you increase brightness, England team disappeared.
Reduce brightness, Nigeria team disappeared.
If the wind blew a bit to sway the antenna, both teams disappeared.

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Friday, October 8, 2021

Pickpocket rehabilitation

Pickpocket rehabilitation at nude beach

Pickpocket: Pfft ! ... Damn !  Everyone here is nude !
Nudist 1:     Ah !  A new member ... Welcome to our club, my friend !
Nudist 1 again: You don't seem very happy. Is something wrong ?
Pickpocket: Well, forget about that !  Why are all of you here ?
Nudist 1:     I'm a banker. I work hard all year, so I'm here to relax.
Pickpocket to nudist 2: And you ?
Nudist 2:     I'm a lawyer ... I love nudism !  I've been coming here for 10 years !
Nudist 3:     I'm a computer programmer ... Here everyone is nude and are all the same, it's nice !
Nudist 1:     And you, Sir ?
Pickpocket: I'm a pickpocket.
Nudist 1:     Huh ?
Pickpocket: My doctor sent me here for rehabilitation !

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Sunday, October 3, 2021

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